Ride. Live. be. Band

Why wear a Ride Live be Band?

Wearing a Ride Live be band gives you the confidence to get through the day. 

Look down and see the word Ride and remember the long day and work school or wherever will be over soon. 

Look down and see the word Live and be Inspired to give everything your all!!! 

Look over to see the be and express your true self by letting people know you are part of the Ride Live be culture!!!

This wristband is made of an extremely durable medical grade silicone that provides long-term comfort and yet stylish appearance while being functional at the same time.  

Each silicone wristband is infused by a special process with negative ions that have been extracted from volcanic ash and Titanium.  

Ride Live be Band Features:

  • 7X more Negative Ions
  • Extremely durable product
  • Medical grade silicone with Titanium
  • Non-toxic base product
  • Waterproof - Perfectly fine to wear in water
This band will make a statement about your sport. Ride Live be.