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Dec 15 2011

Houston Herburg



By Houston Herburg
I started to scooter one day when I was a inline blader, I got way good at rollerblading its just I wanted more tricks and airs, but skateboarding was out so I one day hopped on my freinds scooter his name is nathan hes 11. he live right across the street form me. well the next  day we went to the skatepark and I droped into everything there but our inverted ramp and square bowl. before I knew it I was gapping this thing we call the mini spine its a quarter pipe then a small 1 foot area on top then a bank on the other side its about four feet high. and then the spine then the table then I got one of my favorite tricks ever I learned how to air a quarter pipe and come back into it. I call it an air out.
then my tricks came in this order; tailwhip, one foot, 360, barspin, tailwhip 360, decade, tailwhip air out, barspin air out, and many many other small gapping tricks and quarter pipe tricks like feebles and smiths.
my next tricks will be bri flips and inward bri flips. and I got more than half of that way faster when I was wearing the Equalibrium band it really works. but then it broke when I did a barspin and it got cought on my bars and snapped. And I would like another one which would be awsome. I love Equalibrium! <RIDE TILL YOU DIE>


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